Etienne Medeiros Doping Positive Deals Blow To Brazil On Way To Rio 2016 Olympics

Etiene Medeiros - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Brazilian media is reporting news sending shockwaves through the national swimming community on the way to a home Olympic Games: Rio 2016 teamster and world short-course record holder Etiene Medeiros, 25, has failed a doping test for an asthma treatment. Her case takes to 22 the number of Brazilian aquatics athletes to have tested positive for banned substances since 2009

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I am too lazy to look up, so Craig, can you please give us Etienne’s swim time progressions since 2012. I feel she has made quite significant improvement, but I could be wrong.


Only Information I have about this now:

Seems like a TUE Problem, and high chance this medicament was on previous TUE used by the swimmer but was wrongfully informed on the latest TUE (I am not judging by the way, just informing)

And Craig, I don´t actually see the fact of the dopers get caught as problematic, actually is important. I would find tought if all doping cases were not open to the public or hidden even from authoroties like China/Russia do and many T&F federation..


aswimfan, results from 2012 to 2016 LCM on 50 free/100 free and 100 back (She also has times on 100 fly but it is not her primaries events so..)
50 free – 26,53; 25,55; 24,74; 24,55; 24,64
100 free – Can´t find results for 2012, 56,52, 56,04, 54,26, 54,50
100 back – 1,03,75; 1,01,00; 1,00,77; 59,61; 1,00

These are the ones I found on a DB.. probably reliable enough..

Craig Lord

I agree, Rafael, it is problematic for image, of course – more than 20 cases since 2009 is a problem, one way or another. I wondered about the TUE; one to watch.


Thanks Rafael!
It’s very impressive all around.
And for a sprinter, she’s quite short too, only 5’6″, that makes it even more impressive.

Craig Lord

ASF, L/C 2015 back to 2012 in that order (at a glance, moving fast…think it matches Rafael but will let you check that 🙂

50 back 27.26; 27.37; 27.83; 28.60
100 back: 59.61; 1:00.77; 1:01.48; 1:02.29 was her best in 2011

50 free: 24.55; 24.74; 25.55; (26.53) 25.91 was her best before than shiny suit, 2009
100 free: 54.26; 56.04; 56.52; 57.57 her best before than, pre-2012


Thanks Craig!

Felix Sanchez

Well this one comes as a massive surprise to no one.


Hard to know what testing positive means lately: Clenbuterols, meldoniums, and now this also; and everyone pleads innocence. I’m hungry for some bans.

Those time improvements are striking; over 3 seconds in the 100m free alone, and almost 3 seconds in the back. hmmm


Asthma is a particularly fuzzy thing in swimming, where it’s been common for doctors to recommend asthmatic children swim since the 1950s or so since the warm and moist air near pools was thought to help their lungs, and at least one European study in recent years has said that, unless you have perfect a perfect venhilation system and are spot on with your chemical treatments (and few facilities are perfect in that regard) indoor pools can actually create an environment where athletes are more likely to develop exercise-induced asthma than if they were practicing in gymnasiums with better air conditions.

I’m glad I’m not the person charged with trying to sort out the legit asthma cases from athletes trying to game the system and get an inhaler since it’s a particularly tough question.


TUE’s for asthma meds are very common in both summer and winter sports. In the bulk of cases in professional sports, especially where there are teams involved, these are usually the responsibility of the relevant team doctor.

Not knowing the precise specifics of this case, on first impression it would appear her defence may hinge around whether she has had previous TUEs for asthma meds and especially this particular one.

If it is a case that there has been a recent TUE for this med which may have expired, then she’s a reasonable chance of “walking” on this charge. Previous asthma TUE’s but not for this med (which her defence may claim is newly prescribed) = still potentially defensible if not as strong as above scenario.

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