End Of An Era As Liu Zige Takes 5th, Zhou Yilin Wins In 2:06; Ning Zetao A No Show

Liu Zige by on her way to victory at Beijing 2008 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The women’s 200m butterfly at the Chinese Championships today marked the end of an era, Liu Zige, the 2008 Olympic champion and 2012 silver medallist locked out of a third Games on 2:08.86 in fifth, a far cry from her astonishing world record of 2:01.81; World Champion Ning Zetao* is a no show in the 100m free final; Mao Feilian clocks 2:09 for Rio ticket in 200m breaststroke

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Jose Peña

With the absence of Liu Zige and Jiao, Belmonte has closer the gold at the Olympics.

Ling Lin

Ning got a fever 38.8℃ after semi-final last night


Much more to come on Zetao. Much much more.


I hope Belmonte trim her events to:
400 IM, 200 fly and 800 free to maximize her chances in 200 fly.

She may choose to swim 200 IM also, just like in 2012 London. Unfortunately, 200 IM prelims and semis is on day 3 and final on day 4, while 200 fly prelims and semis on day 4 and final on day 5.
I hope she drops 200 IM to ensure that she’s as fresh as possible for 200 fly.
She didn’t medal in 200 IM in London, and the 200 IM competition in Rio will be even more fierce.

Jose Peña

I agree with you that swimming 200 IM would not be a good decision in orden to be rested enough in 200 fly.

I think that the best schedule for her would be: 400IM, 400free, 200 fly and 800 free.


400 free is doable as it falls on the second day, and she will have one day rest before 200 fly prelims/semis.
In addition, after 400 free minor medals is still quite open.

Kim Simonsen

There seems to be a mistake in the 200 male breaststroke ranking:

1. Gabor Balog: 2:01.52?

Balog isn’t he a backstroker? Otherwise Gyurta needs to step up 🙂


p1robi, when you talk about much more to come of Zetao, you are talking about time or is he on the Meldonium list?


Yeah, I was also curious as to what
p1robi meant by that.

Craig Lord

Daniel can relax, Kim 🙂

Craig Lord

Thanks Ling.


What is the Chinese selection policy? Is it first 2 past the post with exceptional circumstances considered? Then Ning would have to be considered an exception to go to Rio. The same could apply to Ye Shiwen in the 400im, etc.

Ling Lin

the Chinese selection policy, not absolutely to select the first 2. For example, Sun didn’t take part in this event, but I believe he will go to Rio.

Craig Lord

Ger, it seems to me that discretion is the greater part of the policy (certainly has been in the past, with some finishing top 2 at nationals left at home in favour of some finishing outside the top 3 and even 5, for whatever reason). Ning, assuming there is no other issue, will race in Rio, but I doubt we will see Ye in the 400IM… 2:12 to a 4:44 (let alone a 4:50) for a 2:07.5 and 4:28 swimmer, indicates a swimmer struggling. The bottom line: we will know the team when they announce it.

Zhen Sun

Yes Ger, at least in the last two years, the selection policy is more like in US. The top in the final are selected. Exceptional circumstances will be considered, especially on the men’s side as there are several clear favorites who may bypass the selections (Sun, Ning, Xu, etc)

I agree with Craig that Ye’s 400im qualification is in doubt. The same for Fu’s 100 back, unless she swam a super convincing time before the summer.


Thanks all.

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