Emily Seebohm Gets Her Teeth Back Into Racing In Auckland At Start Of New Chapter

Emily Seebohm of Australia - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Having had her wisdom teeth out three weeks ago, double World backstroke champion Emily Seebohm crosses the Tasman to race at New Zealand Zonal Championships in Auckland this weekend. With her will be triple world junior champion Minna Atherton and Nicholas Brown and Grayson Bell, both Youth Olympic medallists

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There was significant comment re Seebohm’s disappointing Rio and some talk of “not doing the work” with many casting shade on the potential impacts of her relationship with Mitch Larkin.

What has come to light is the fact that she was diagnosed with Endometriosis (a chronic inflammatory uterine disease) during the lead-in which probably does put some context into the talk of “not enough work”.

Has her Olympic “window of opportunity” closed ?? As with C1, I suspect the answer is an affirmative one. Will CG next year be her end statement ?? Quite possibly although much may hinge on the performance/progress of AUS next generation of female backstrokers and whether the likes of Atherton, Whittaker & McKeown Jr are swimming the internationally competitive times/actually pushing Seebohm and/or Wilson out of the team.

Craig Lord

Thanks CW. Always very difficult to find the balance between telling it like it is (and I would certainly recommend a confidential conversation with media to explain because it is inevitable that in the absence of any explanation, bad swim is what is left); sounding like you’re making excuses; and holding on to personal privacy we’re all entitled to… and especially when it is all happening with the world watching.

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