Elizabeth Beisel’s Quiet 4:35 As Kylie Masse Wrecks Canadian 100 Back Mark in 59.1

In-season speed from Elizabeth Beisel [Photo: Patrick B. Kraemer]

Elizabeth Beisel, the 2011 World 400m medley champion who took silver behind Ye Shiwen, a controversial 58.6 last 100m and a 4:28 world record at London 2012, put in a 4:35.82 in the heats of the long medley on the second morning of action at the Canadian Olympic Trials in Toronto. After a fine first day for Canadians making progress, this morning witnessed a 59.17 Canadian record from 19-year-old Kylie Masse in the 100m backstroke

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Who is Kylie Masse and where did she come from?

And what happened to Taylor Ruck? I thought this trials was supposed to be her breakout meet?


Masse has apparently been swimming well over this past season but since she attends a Canadian University (University of Toronto) rather than compete in the NCAA, she’s slipped under the radar of all except Canadian pundits.

Craig Lord

a touch more info added, aswimfan


Thanks Craig!


Safe to say aswimfan that world junior champs was Rucks breakout meet & now there will be all sorts of expectations on her….however the Canadian girls are looking at a pretty solid medley relay with or without her.

Dan smith

But they still need ruck to perform in the 4×200 free. They may need her less in the 4×100 free. It all depends on Penny oleksiak, s improvement in the 100 free.
In the 100 free they already have chantal van landeghem, sandrine mainville, Michelle Williams and maybe Penny oleksiak depending on her improvement in the 100 free. Based on her 100 fly, we should see some improvement.

But in the 200 free, Canada is a bit short-handed. So they need Taylor ruck to make big drops there.

In the medley relay, I agree they don’t really need her there.


I think they still need Ruck to perform in 100 free too, more depth is always good for relays.

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