Dolphins Leap As Gina Rinehart Backs Swimming Australia Past Tokyo2020

Bronte Campbell, Cate Campbell, Brittany Elmslie and Emma McKeon - WR for Australia - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Hancock Prospecting and the Georgina Hope Swimmers Foundation have extended their Principal Partnership with Swimming Australia for a further four years. Patron Awards go to Cate Campbell and Mack Horton

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In these times in AUS Olympic sports, with major impending cuts in public sector funding; beggars cannot afford to be chosers when it comes to outside/private sector funding sources.

As to whether AUS Swimming will end up bruised from their continued links with Madam Rinehart remains to be seen but this is one of the most capricious individuals in both AUS business circles AND public life in general. Then again, there is more than a small element of mutual interests in play.

Swimming AUS desperately needs to hold on to whatever fairy godmother it can find …… and Madam Rinehart is looking for whatever positive publicity that may accrue in her direction from said linkage.

I make zero apology for being a critic of Sailor Boy’s appointment as Chairman but on reflection, his own personal history/claim to sporting fame came from being the loyal acolyte of a similar corporate titan later brought unstuck by their own hubris. Maybe he can earn a crust keeping Madam onside.

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