Dolphins Drum Home The Message: It Comes Down To Respect … & We’re Rio Ready

Aussie drums at Auburn - spot the swimmer... by Delly Carr / Swimming Australia Ltd

Dolphins drum home the message. “I really do think it comes down to respect. You’re not going to get 60 people on a team all holding hands and singing lovey-dovey songs but I think as long as the respect is there, that’s all that matters.” – Belinda Hocking on why Rio 2016 is likely to be unlike London 2012. And why respect is a word we may hear a lot in Rio as the Games get underway next week.

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The evidence seem very clear that the internal culture of this team has improved exponentially since London; both with regards to the removal of malign influences and the general regimes now in place.

For mine, the most telling words are those from Hocking as they get to the heart of ALL constructive human interaction. There’s no need for “love ins”, just demonstrate that “respect” via one’s actual behavior ie “courtesy and co-operation”.

kevin roose

Will the much needed cultural change convert into medals particulary gold medals for Australia ?
One can only be optimistic about Australias chances and so far since selection nothing has derailed the team …
From all reports Auburn seems to be a fantastic facility and the Australians are enjoying the preparation there..
The Olympic schedule has been kind to them with 4 x 100 womens free final first night and hopefully a strong win allowing for positive momentum thru the rest of the meet…..
The Australians had to evacuate there building at the village due to a fire in the carpark under the building giving smoke in the stairways …..They were out of the building for about 30 mins it is beleived to be a cigarette from a worker thrown into some rubbish ….


We will only know the answer to that in two to three weeks time. Cultural change, whilst incredibly important, does not in itself guarantee performance.

There are most certainly very real grounds for confidence that the results will be a significant advance on London. The extent to which may be open to speculation. The women’s side certainly looks at least on par with Athens/Beijing whereas the men still have some major gaps.

Thankfully, the team & team heirarchy don’t appear “hung up” on medal tallies ; although Swimming AUS will most likely be crossing every known external appendage & praying to every known deity …. in order that they may at least retain current Sports Commission funding levels !!

WILL the gold/medal totals touted in some media be met ?? Probably not as these seem to be predicated on what are essentially “best case scenarios; where all those touted for medals WILL match/exceed their Trials times/PBs.

Some will hit those marks whereas others won’t. Some favourites will get up and others won’t. Of the three “shooting for double golds”; it may be that only one WILL bat 2/2 whereas others may go 1/2 or even 0/2. There are likely to be a few bolters who will get up & snag coin but they will be counterbalanced by those touted to do so who don’t fire.

Now if only we knew who and in what events ?

kevin roose

I agree certainly on the womens side the team is sprinkled with talent …..
Breastroke looking like the real weakness although with much to hope for with Bohl and Taylor Mckeon ……although i dought they will match the Japanese or the Americans….
400 i.m the first night looks weak the 200 i.m hopefully Coutts can retire on a high ( top 5 would be a great acheivmant)

kevin roose

On the mens side Mcevoy and Larkin the big guns ……..Horton potentially could be, alot of questions to be asked of him though ….
Breastroke and Butterfly very weak , 200 i.m weak with 400 i.m again Fraser – Holmes top 5 would be a fantastic result ….

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