Dirk Lange: ‘It Goes Without Saying that we speak out for a 100% drug-free sport’

Dirk Lange - the DLP Project

Dirk Lange, the German coach who has led the national teams of South Africa and Germany, has defended the international coach consultancy program in the face of allegations that he is harbouring Chinese coaches and swimmers keen to avoid anti-doping tests and working with chief doping rogue of the 1990s, Zhou Ming. “It goes without saying that we speak out for a 100% drug-free sport.” – Dirk Lange

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Markus B.

Until this day the DSV (German swimming federation) avoids any reference to Oralturinabol when talking about still valid German records from GDR times.

Such a pathetic ignorance does not at all strengthen my trust in a clean German swimming system. No matter how often Dirk Lange repeats his no doping claims.

Craig Lord

Markus B, not the fault of Dirk or any other German coach (though many could have been more vocally opposed), but yes, the DSV jumped the wrong way: many of the good parts of the structure of GDR sport, including talent streaming and the better side of sports schools were dismantled because it was not seen as the right thing to do to continue to support such things in light of the overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing – and yet, and yet, and yet, all the results of that wrongdoing were adopted as ‘the national standard’. The baby was thrown out with the bathwater but the stuff that had made the baby fat and fit enough for sumo results in the pool remained a part of ‘aspiration’ at the wish of the DSV. A hypocritical stance to say the least – but one that fell in line with IOC/FINA etc acceptance of the unacceptable; and that is, at least in part, what it was all about – politics, not the welfare of young athletes and the soundness of programs they work in in pursuit of standards most have found either impossible to reach or not worth striving for (legal argument is weak give the outcome of trials in 1999 and 2000; given the overwhelming evidence contained in state-owned files…). Neither FINA nor the IOC cared to do anything about an ocean of suspect results, some of which can definitively be put down to doping, so why should the DSV? Read the latter two ways, one tautological. Two wrongs, of course, don’t make a right.

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