Defenders Mireia Belmonte, Flo-Mo & Fran Ease Through; Tight 4×200 In Prospect

Mireia Belmonte - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Mireia Belmonte, Fran Halsall and Florent Manaudou cruised through to the defence of their respective titles on the penultimate day of heats in London this morning.

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Meanwhile in Japan,

Cate Campbell threw in a 52.38.

I think everyone who is urging Sjostrom not to swim 200 free in order to win 100 free gold should really pay attention to this result.

Last year, Sjostrom (and Bronte for that matter) was lucky that Cate had surgery in late 2014 -prompting Cate to consider not swimming in Kazan. This important fact was missed by many in regards to Sjostrom’s chance in 100 free.

As I wrote in the other article about Sjostrom, here’s what I think the ideal Sjostrom’s schedule that maximises her chances for winning as many medals as she can:

Day 1: 100 fly prelims and semis (and PLEASE NO 4×100 prelims and semis)
Day 2: 100 fly final
Day 3: 200 free prelims and semis
Day 4: 200 free final
Day 5: 100 free prelims and semis (and PLEASE NO 4×100 prelims and finals)
Day 6: 100 free final
Day 7: 4×100 medley prelims, 50 free prelims and semis
Day 8: 50 free final and 4×100 medley final.

mingo freire

yesterday ranomi did an impressive 52 .20 in 4×100 relay, but the reaction time was slow (r.t 0.33). Maybe she will be a tough opponent for both campbell in rio.


Ranomi always swim great in relays, probably due to her amazing start; she often swim better in relays than in her individual swims, even after taking into account the rolling start.

At 2012 London, she swam 53.00 in 100 free final and split 51.93 in 4×100 free final
At 2013 Barcelona, she swam 53.42 in 100 free final and split 52.65 (r.t. 033) in 4×100 free final
At 2015 Kazan, she swam 53.17 n 100 free final and lead off the relay in 4×100 free final in 53.30

Few days ago, I wrote that I suspect Ranomi is more rested than Sjostrom. She definitely looks more fresh.

I still think that Sjostrom is a tougher opponent to the Campbell sisters in 100 free than Kromowidjojo. Kromowidjojo has much better chance winning gold in 50 free where her start is a huge capital and anything can happen in such short race.

mingo freire

of course i agree with you. Hungary, italian, daenish and dutch swimmers are more rested than swedish, english, french or spanish swimmers. But 52.2(0.33 r.t) is a 52.5.This is olimpic medal. maybe bronze, maybe silver… or even gold.


Italy 4×200 out of Rio by now. Brazil rsa hungary and China by now.



Seriously? Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed Italian men not making the 4×200 Olympics cut.


Mingo Freire, your calculations are not quite accurate. Ranomi’s average rt is between 0.63-0.68. So you can add 0.33 sec to her 52.27 shown in relay start. It gives us 52.60. Also please notice that taking start technique is different when it done at individual or relay race. That makes me to think that it also gives some momentum advantage. So I would estimate Kromowidjojo level somewhere between 52.7- 52.75.
In another thread CW gave even more pessimistic estimate for her of 52.8, probably considering different psychological factor of racing in relay and 100 final where she is not favorite.

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