David Millar Explains In New York Times How To Cheat With TUE & Get Away With It

The New York Times Sunday Review feature in which David Millar explains how TUEs can and have been abused by cheats

In a revealing first-person commentary and reflection on a cycling career built on and ruined by doping before rehabilitation as an advocate for clean sport, British cyclist David Millar states that Therapeutic Use Exemptions in sport should only be used out of competition, while any who test positive for banned substances in racing should, in all circumstances, be suspended and considered to have cheated.

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Interesting comments from former swimmer Dr. Gary O’ Toole on the use of corticosteroids:


Craig Lord

Thanks v much, Ger. Terrific. Included in the piece.

clive rushton

Terrific explanation from Doctor G. Top class.

Jeez, it’s a complicated area, isn’t it?

Craig Lord

Yes, certainly is, Clive. The determined cheat must work with deceivers who know their stuff, that’s for sure.

clive rushton

You maybe have the BIG question presented right there: performance enabling or performance enhancing?

I look back to pre-WADA, pre-TUE, pre-drug testing days: I was taking isoprenaline sulphate for my childhood asthma which was diagnosed when I was about nine. Nowadays I take Salbutamol and a budesonide/formoterol concoction so I’m into my seventh decade of ‘doping’ but I hope I wasn’t or aren’t looked upon as an asterisk-deserving character.

Taking these drugs enabled me to train, but not continuously, because I still had to miss many days due to breathing problems. Twice I thought I was going to die. But they meant I could train and I could compete.

It’s a very complex area of study and I do not envy the legislators at all.

Craig Lord

I think your scenario applies to many (vast bulk of) of those who do indeed apply for TUEs and have such things approved, Clive


We know that several Olympics gold medalists had corticosteroids in their TUE.

I am SURE there were CHEATS among Rio swimming gold medalists.

Craig Lord

We know that for sure, aswimfan, the asterisk we know of enough to state as much.

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