Dave Salo: ‘Supplements War Is Lost & Why It’s Better To Have Efimova Back In The USA’

Dave Salo by Craig Lord

Dave Salo, the head coach at Trojan who has felt the hard knock of charges falling foul of anti-doping rules, believes that the battle to have swimmers train without reliance on supplementation is being lost. Olympic team coach explains why he is opposed to the USA Swimming rule that prevents coaches working with swimmers provisionally suspended and awaiting a hearing

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Protect the field with no excuses. UKAD is testing in Russia and there is no real reason to doubt the testing is “suspect”.


*** …no real reason to think the testing is “suspect”. Where’s my editor when I need her?


So, it does seem from Salo’s own words “If an athlete is on provisional suspension should they not be allowed to continue to train, if not compete, during an investigative suspension period?”

that he is comfortable is training Yuliya even if she’s on suspension.

Ok, I have enough.


This also explains how Jessica Hardy broke WR in the first meet she swam after coming back from suspension.

This also explains how Efimova scorched to 1:05s right after her first suspension ended.

This also explains how Mellouli effortlessly swam his way to Olympics gold, after 18 months of retroactive ban that ended in June 2008.


Sun Yang, Yuliya Efimova entered in 2016 Arena Pro Swim Series Santa Clara!

Craig Lord

Hopefully not in the same race, gheko


I bet if Efimova enter in men 200 breast race, she can medal!


“war is lost”? no, some have given up. “everybody’s doin’ it” is a page out of the RUS playbook. Consequences on athletes, coaches, clubs and federations are the first line of attack.

Craig Lord

Yes, pegasus: the war is only lost if we all sit down and give in.

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