Daniel Gyurta Bypasses London Europeans; 6 Solos For Hosszu; ‘Fly Focus For Cseh

Daniel Gyurta - Rio focus will keep him away from London Europeans [Photo: Arena]

Daniel Gyurta, the Olympic 200m breaststroke champion, is bypassing the European Championships in London next month, to focus on his preparation for the defence of his crown in Rio come August; Hungary team for London 2016 31-strong; six solos and up to 5 relays for Katinka Hosszu; Laszlo Cseh takes on all ‘fly events and 200IM

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Hosszu’s choice of events to swim in London is interesting: no 200 free and fly both of which she swam in Kazan, but I she she’ll swim 100 free/fly which I assume is just for race training or for fun to fill in the hour between her other events.


Balazs Zambo should be entered in the 200m back and not the 50m back. Is that correct? He is the 3rd best Hungarian and already with an A cut which is just 0.05 off Foldhazi. And he isn’t exactly a sprinter 😀

Craig Lord

Sounds likely ITR: going off the Hungarian federation list, a clerical error, probably.

Bad Anon

Looks increasingly apparent Hosszu’s Rio schedule will be 100/200back 200/400IM… She can medal in all four events and will be gold favorite in the medleys. 200free/fly she has minimal medal chances and they don’t fit will in the schedule for her. I 200fly semis before 200IM final and 200free final on the same day as 200IM final, (case in point ~ Katie Hoff ended up missing medals in both 200free and 200IM, I although I believe at best Hoff was going to win bronze in the 200IM in Beijing)

Kim Simonsen

Why holding a European Championship every second year when it collides with the Olympics every second time, LEN (money)?

Holding it every fourth year would it enhance its value – does Laszlo Cseh really cherish yet another gold medal, or does he only see London as a stepping stone to Rio? Would Peaty take part if it was not in London? Why does LEN think Gyurta stays at home? I think they know the answers.

Craig Lord

I agree, Kim. It all stems back to the late 90s, when LEN decided to move to every two years and double its activity, with l/c every two years and s/c champs every year. In response, FINA moved from 4 years to 2 years on worlds, forcing LEN to change from year after Games and year-before Games to mid-Olympic cycle and holding an often weakened showcase in Olympic year (some bypass entirely, others will race in-training, so the results will reflect that and not the true status of European swimming). More is less – but that’s not something blazers want to hear: more means more flash flights, hotels and nice holidays for self and spouse. It doesn’t mean more for swimming. Dilution has been the result, the media archive tells me (Euro Champs used to be a calendar highlight for sports media, reporters would be sent and INTL and national agencies used to have 3 or 4 folk at the event … now its just another event and some agencies don’t even send one let alone several reporters anymore … in London this year and Olympic year, so my newspaper will have me there but had it been elsewhere, I would most likely have been asked to cover remotely at 300-500 words a day … it often got at least half a broadsheet page a day during the 1990s).

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