Cseh, Koch, Belmonte & Miley To Lead The Pace Test At Luxembourg Euro Meet

Laszlo Cseh of Hungary - by Patrick B. Kraemer

World champions Laszlo Cseh and Marco Koch as well as European champions present and past, Mireia Belmonte, Velimir Stjepanovic and Hannah Miley are among those who will start their 2016 countdown to Olympic trials with a test of pace at the Euro Meet in Luxembourg at the end of the month.

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paolo rubbiani

We are simple swimming fans and so it looks silly giving advice to professional athletes and their coach, but I don’t really understand why Vergnoux set for Belmonte a schedule of so many races (typically: 200 and 400 im, 200 fly, 400 and 800 free) in the main events (above all Olympics and Worlds).
Moreover: if Belmonte’s ultimate goal is an Olympic gold, why swimming events like 200 im where, in an Olympic stage, it is unlikely even a medal and are colliding with 200 fly, the real chance of gold for Belmonte?
So, considering that 200 fly is the “golden race” for Belmonte, a reasonable schedule to maximize Belmonte’s chances of gold is: the 400 im (medal chances for Belmonte) the first day of competition and then the 200 fly (2 days of rest between 400 im and 200 fly), to finish with the 800 free (other medal chances behind Ledecky)).
So, neither 400 free (the second day of competition) nor, particularly, the 200 im.
If Belmonte prefers racing than resting…, and seeking more medals, she could swim the 400 free (medal chances behind Ledecky) the second day of competition, but I’ don’t think that this would be the best choice for the golden target in the 200 fly.
The lone choice that I wouldn’t really understand would be swimming the “usual” schedule of 5 events, with also the 200 im in the mix.

Lennart van Haaften

I agree Paolo, 400im/200fly/800free sounds perfect.


I also totally agree with Paolo.

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