Credibility Crumples With Olympic Podiums & A FINA ‘Leader’ Hides Under His Bed

The FINA Bureau, Algerian Mustapha Larfaoui (fifth from right, back row), at the inaugural world championships in 1973; from 1989 he would be president for 20 years

“The numbers are just impossible, incredible,” said Gian-Franco Kasper, an executive board member of the International Olympic Committee. “We lose credibility. Credibility is a major concern.” No, Mr Kasper, you don’t ‘lose credibility’ … that was lost a long time ago by ignoring the problem and letting it grow into a monster; and in other realms such as support for a woeful lack of standards in governance. We say that on a
day when a FINA Bureau member is found hiding under his bed at home as police raid his home to find kit alleged to have been stolen from his country’s Olympic team

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clive rushton

It’s a cesspit, isn’t it?


Had to look twice at the picture thought it was current Bureau.

Craig Lord

Chances are, Clive


Countdown to the press release from FINA saying that Ekumbo remains in his position i good standing because his actions with the KOC are separate from his FINA position where he has served with great loyalty and enthusiasm.

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