Courage Of Chad Le Clos Pays Off, Dywer & Guy Complete Top Three Among The Clean

Chad Le Clos (RSA) by Patrick B. Kraemer

One medal to the bravest man in the race on pace, Chad Le Clos (RSA), the first clean man home; second place to Conor Dwyer (USA); and third to World champion James Guy (GBR). And then there was Sun Yang*, out front in 1:44.65.

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So proud of Chad, training partner for such a long time. He deserves that medal. First swimmer home with no asterisk in tow…


Happy for Chad and bitter that Yang won.

I’ve always said that Chad is extremely talented, although his race strategies are questionable at best. I’ve always wondered what he would have done had he done better training and better race strategies. But maybe those questionable strategies are what actually made the difference and won him races… Who knows.


This final is slow.

It’s like watching women’s 200 free from 1996 to 2004 all over again.

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