Conor Dwyer Churns Out 3:46.09 For 400 Free Win at Santa Clara (Sun 3:43 Heat)

Conor Dwyer - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Conor Dwyer is riding a hot streak in the middle-distance events, including a 3:46.09 effort in the 400 freestyle on Saturday night.

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Name WItheld

Why did historic drug cheat Sun Yang scratch the final?

Craig Lord

Good question, Name W … perhaps to rest up for the 1500 and get the time he needs and wants on the way to Rio: he withdrew from Kazan final last August, so his best in the time frame for Rio selection is 14:55, still best in China in the Rio window, by 3sec, but not necessarily the seed he wants…

Name WItheld

Good answers, thanks. Sadly, I am now just cynical about his every move. Too bad because it takes away from just enjoying the sport…

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