Cold War In The Pool: As IOC Boss Backs Lifetime Bans – It’s Babashoff Vs Salnikov

Yuliya Efimova, at the centre of the big stink in Rio last year - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The echo from history stood out in twitterdom for the clarion call it was: @_king_lil you are #MAKINGWAVES and we love it! Go girl- you are what the world – and ESPECIALLY what the Olympics need right now. #HONESTY – Shirley Babashoff. And here was another slice of history: FINA Bureau member and Russian swim federation boss Vladimir Salnikov, twice an Olympic 1500m freestyle chamoion for the Soiviet Union (1980 and 1988) today said that the atmosphere surrounding his team at the Olympics reminded him of the Cold War. He criticised American 100m breatsstroke champion Lilly King for “attacking the integrity of her Russian rival”, apparently having forgotten the 2013 positive steroid test for which Yuliya Efimova* was banned.

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I will never condone drug cheating. But I’ve got to say that given, the complexity of the modern anti-doping code there are times when a drug test positive is truly accidental after the athlete in question has been making honest effort for years to play clean.

Call it the ‘hemorrhoids not steroids’ exception after a certain French sprinter who ended up testing positive when he didn’t realize that his soothing topical ointment from the local chemist was a slightly different formula than what he usually bought to treat the condition.

Craig Lord

I think, beachmouse, they would phase it to take that kind of thing into account; they’d have to. The categories system would kick in, I would imagine.


Athletes and NADOs worldwide have called for life bans and they should be listened to. After final adjudication, exclusion from the World Champs and/or Olympic Games should be the minimum penalty, although I favor life exclusion.

Felons carry penalties with them for the rest of their lives. Even if they repent. We are dealing with Sport Felonies, not parking meter tickets! Feel what you will for those Felons but protect the field as a priority.



In Efimova’s words, failing doping test is similar to traffic violation, and doping suspension is similar to get your driving license temporarily revoked due to such traffic violation. No big deal.


Yes, aswimfan … jails are full of innocents

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