Coaches Serving On FINA Commission Asked By Peer Leader: Why Are You Still There?

In an open letter, John Leonard, the director of the American Swimming Coaches Association, has called on coaching peers to stop propping up the “broken institution” that is FINA, the international federation.

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Another little straw but I fear many more need to be added.

The great sport of swimming has been passionately built, supported, developed and nurtured by the thousands of coaches, club volunteers, administrators, media and of course swimmers all over the world over many decades.

Its time all of these real custodians of the sport collectively rejected the self-serving, corrupt, politicized, self enriching FINA executive and installed new leadership that serves all its members with humility and integrity for the benefit of swimming.

In my opinion, one key impediment to this is lack of awareness among the grassroots custodians which in term leads to lack of pressure on National Bodies and the status quo remains. Also, culturally, many of the people involved are uncomfortable with the revolutionary notion of a swimming leadership coup. We generally naively trust the system to self regulate.

I am not sure how to solve this, but I do believe that that momentum for change is gathering pace. For my part I am going to assist in a tiny way in creating the burning platform for change by spreading the word among all swimming stakeholders through discussion and promoting articles like this one.

Craig, great job in keeping us up to date on the ongoing FINA incompetence, many straws being added.

Craig Lord

Thanks BoetMate. I believe you’re right about momentum. There are a couple of bales on the gathering wind…

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