Coaches Fred Vergnoux & Ben Titley Talk Olympic Prep On Mare Nostrum Tour

Fred Vergnoux and Ben Titley will give talks on the Olympic prep of Rio 2016 champions Mireia Belmonte and Penny Oleksiak on Monday morning on the trail of the Mare Nostrum

The Mare Nostrum Tour gets underway in Monaco this morning, the start lists largely reflective of what will unfold, but for the absence of British swimmers blown off course by the poor practice of easyjet, which overbooked athe flight from Bristol to Nice and left the athletes stranded; those heading from Monaco to Barcelona can get some insight along the way on Monday morning when coaches Fred Vergnoux and Ben Titley give talks at the CAR training centre in Sant Cugat at 11am on Monday morning. The theme: the Olympic prep of Mireia Belmonte and Penny Oleksiak

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