Coach Leaders Urge Swimmers: “Let Your Voices Be Heard, Own Clean Sport”

Michael Phelps - who took the plunge for clean sport and unlocked the door marked "Time for Athletes To Be Heard" - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The swimosphere is an ocean of high fives for those who speak up and a doldrum of thumbs down for those towing an asterisk or excusing all that entails. Today brings the following open letter from John Leonard, director of the World and American swimming coaches associations. It is a letter of support for those speaking up and an appeal for more athletes to let their voices be heard. The letter in full…

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clive rushton

Excellent letter from John.

clive rushton

And while we’re all at it we need to get rid of the old men in blazers doling out the medals, most from countries that wouldn’t recognize a fast swimmer if one jumped up and bit them on the nose. Many of them don’t even look the medalists in the eye or say a word. Some do but many don’t.

It was great to see Kirsty Coventry presenting today; we need more swimming legends and fewer, far fewer swimming dinosaurs.


I totally agree on not letting all these old men in blazers doling out medals. It’s truly embarrassing!!!!!!

Why can’t we have legends of the past like Ian Thorpe, Janet Evans, Matt Biondi, Mary Meagher, Tracy Caulkins etc present the medals!
Tennis in Grand Slams have done it.

Craig Lord

What!! asf, have you lost your reason… athletes as stars and VIPs!!! Whatever next?!

Craig Lord

Bravo…second that, Clive

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