China Team Training At Turkish Centre: Are They Taking Tips From Doper Zhou Ming?

The Chinese squad in Turkey as posted on social media site Instagram

Chinese swimmers have been working at a training centre at Belek, Turkey, for several seasons but a group on camp there os late, including several national-team members, is reported to have been working with doping rogue Zhou Ming.

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Kim Simonsen

Was Amy Van Dyken not implicated in the BALCO scandal back in 2003 – although she has never tested positive for doping?

Craig Lord

Yes, she was Kim, Gary Hall Jr having been among those who highlighted that in the U.S. Noted in copy with a link to discussion of the difficulties people in swimming find when it comes to talking openly about the subject. Refreshing when people feel able to say “that looks like something we haven’t seen before”; that is unique; that is off the chart’; and that looks like doping. Suspicions legitimately raised on such considerations have relatively often resulted in ‘case proven’ sometime down the line. There was no case proven against Amy Van Dyken, nor Le Jingyi, of course.


1996 is definitely my least favorite Olympics.

There were Michelle Smith, the Chinese girls and van Dyken,
and then van Almsick got beaten by Poll
and the swims were sloowww… only two barely WRs and three ORs.
And even though I was only watching it on TV, the pool stadium didn’t feel like it had amazing vibe like any other Olympics pool.
The only highlight for me was Perkins winning 1,500 from lane 8.


For those who don’t follow athletics/track & field, Turkey also had a huge doping problem in the sport a few years back- during the ‘clean up’ 31 positives including junior athletes and they’re also set to lose London 2012 medals because of sample retesting/biological passport concerns.

While I can get a European team training in Turkey now for budgetary reasons, it’s an odd place if your squad is springing for expensive plane tickets halfway around the world when there are other perfectly nice training camp options far closer to home.

Kim Simonsen

To aswimfan:

Atilla Czene beating Jani Sivienen from lane 1 in the 200 IM was certainly also a highlight – and so was Egerszegi´s win in the 200 back, her last race in her career.


I totally forgot about Egerszegi threepeat! that’s the highlight for me too. And she should have swum 100 back instead of 400 IM.
I also liked Susie O’Neill gutsy swim to beat Michelle Smith.

But overall, especially compared to the previous and the next Olympics (Barcelona and Sydney), Atlanta was meh.


And why are Austrian swimmers doing the altitude training in Turkey when they have their own tall mountains with presumably one or two sports centers on them. Maybe for change of scenery.

Craig Lord

Belek is sea level, asf. I think beachmouse makes a good point on this: for Europeans seeking ‘nearby’ sun, makes sense (prices likely to be very competitive, too) but it makes far less sense for the Chinese to be there, seems to me.


Yeah. Much like US universities, a lot of European squads have long done sunny training trips when it would be cooler and gloomy back home. I made a West German friend through a student exchange program in the 1980s and even then her swim squad would spend a school holiday a year training in Yugoslavia. (I’m guessing that pool, if it still exists, is now in Croatia. They seem to have gotten most of the better beach areas as part of the settlement from the horrible divorce.)

A training trip spent at an outdoor 50M pool in warmth and sunshine is simply good for the soul and makes it easy to go just a little bit harder during practice.


1996. For a NZer the best Olympics ever in swimming. Those were the days……

I would be interested to know who a certain Turkish 2:19 breaststroker has been coached by…..


Yes, I guess 1996 is NZers swimming fans favorite Olympics 🙂

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