Chen Xinyi 25.53 Just 0.02sec Shy of Chinese Mark, Le Jinyi’s Rome 1994 WR At Time Of Woe

Chen Xinyi

The last day of action at Chinese Olympic trials on Foshan delivered a 24.53 victory for Chen Xinyi in the women’s 50m freestyle and a sole sub-15-minutes victory for Qiu Ziao in the men’s 1500m freestyle, a race notable for the week-long absence of Olympic champion Sun Yang*.

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Zhen Sun


Does your ranking count relay starts? I want to let you know Xu just swam a 52.98 in the relay.

Craig Lord

Zhen, yes, many thanks – added to ranks and copy.


Zhen is it true China made a time trial on the 4×200 free and went something around 7:13?

Ron Turner

@Rafael: yes, they went 7:13.19


CHina is pretty safe right now… Brazil China and Italy.. the last spot for 4×200 will be a battle..

Craig Lord

Yes, see Ron T’s comment – and in the article and in the ranks, Rafael

Craig Lord

Thanks Ron

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