Chen 56.8 Pips Lu 57.1 Both Fly Down To Rio; Wang 59.6 Ticket Hangs On Doping Case

Chen Xinyi, top right, and Lu Ying (on her way to the podium at world titles last year) booked tickets to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Foshan today - images by Patrick B, Kraemer

Chen Xinyi pipped China’s 100 ‘fly No 1 Lu Ying as the two stamped tickets to the Olympic Games on the second day of action at Chinese nationals in Foshan as Wang Lizhuo* cracked the minute once more to win the men’s 100m breaststroke, his passage to Rio clipped to a note marked: ‘only if FINA let him get away with a penalty of less than a year for a positive clenbuterol test last year.

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Speaking about Zige’s 2:01.81, I’m so glad she wore Speedo. Can you imagine what the WR looked like had she chose to wear a Jaked/Arena/Adidas?

clive rushton

It must be a convoluted task reporting Chinese results these days, Craig. Great job in unravelling the results and complications.

leif kim

very good job! best wishes for zige

Craig Lord

Thanks Clive (mind-boggling 🙂


Given the Chinese sporting pressure to retire if it doesn’t seem like you can be perfect anymore, it’s nice to see Zige seem like she’s having success battling back from the shoulder issues that derailed her in 2015.

Zhen Sun

Chen was born in 1998, so that makes her 16 at the Asian Games.

For those of you who can read Chinese, the psyche sheet and live results can be found at


Some fast times coming out of China, although nowhere near as fast as the times coming from Europe!



China is still withholding information of the other 3 swimmers who tested positive in August/September?

Will they be required to disclose information to FINA, or not? And will FINA publish such information?

I am wondering who they are, whether a certain male distance freestyler who is currently not competing at the Chinese trials is on the list.

Zhen Sun


The leaked info says the other 3 swimmers (tested positive in Jan) are from Hunan. There 2-3 notable absences in the trials from the Hunan team.

The male freestyler you referred to is from Zhejiang. I am pretty sure he is fine.

Craig Lord

Indeed Zhen, as our rankings state

Craig Lord

I have the names, aswimfan, and if they don’t publish them soon, I will. Sun Yang is not among them.


We will be waiting, curious if guys like Zhesi or Xu are on the list.. A 100% medley relay doper team!

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