Changing Of The Canadian ‘Fly Guard: Penny Oleksiak, 15, Cracks 57, Noemie Thomas On It

Penny Oleksiak made the podium alone and with teammates at the World Junior Champs last year [TV still] and made her mark at Canadian Olympic trials today

On a list of the top 100 performances ever by Canadian women over 100m butterfly, you had to sweep down to 53rd to find Penny Oleksiak’s first entry before today, a 58.44 from earlier this season in domestic waters a slither insider her 2015 best. A hint, from the realm of in-training speed, of what was brewing: a 56.99 Canadian record, a ticket to Rio, with Noemie Thomas on 57.02 and Commonwealth champion Katerina Savard locked out

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It seems that she is of Ukrainian descent considering her last name.


Doesn’t Noemi Thomas swim for CAL?

So there’s at least one swimmer that Teri mcKeever has not destroyed after all 🙂
(joke..a sarcastic comment directed to those who keep slandering CAL and mcKeever).

And macLean swim for Georgia. So that’s two NCAA swimmers destroying their LCM PBs. Weird, because I’ve heard many people saying NCAA swimmers are at huge disadvantage this Olympics year.

Craig Lord

🙂 aswimfan… I think people confuse the issues on NCAA: history stacked with folk who stacked up at NCAA and then went on to excel in the real world of LC metres … and stacked with folk who excelled in SCY NCAA racing but never made it big time in international waters (applies to SCM, too). Advantages and disadvantages are what whoever wants to make of them, for better or worse 🙂

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