Cate Campbell, 52.38 In The Depths Of A Japan Open Result & Preparations For Rio 2016

Cate Campbell of Australia
Cate Campbell - much to smile about - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The result sheet looks somewhat bizarre at the Japan Open, the women’s 100m freestyle led by a Japanese age record of 53.98 from Rikako Ikee, 0.01sec inside the standard she set at Olympic trials last month, one on 54-plus, four on 55s and a couple of 56s tacked on the end. Then we find the Australian sisters listed in the depths reserved for foreigners – World champion Bronte finihsed third in 54.11, Cate Campbell went a little quicker: 52.38. Take that.

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To Swedish Olympics coaches who may read this website, please do not make Sarah to swim 4×100 free and 4×200 relays, to make sure she doesn’t get too tired for individual 200 free and 100 free events. Thanks.


Deserves the attention Kromowidjojo’s time at 4x100MIX. 52.27 with rt=0.33. If to remember that Ranomi’s RT is consistently under 0.7sec then this race in relay with the 27.26 on the way home is an impressively fast swimming. I’m taking my words back that we won’t see Kromowidjojo under 53 in Rio. So the interesting battle for the two remaining podium steps after Cate Campbell between three swimmers awaits for us. Someone will be out of the podium.
Despite some people argue that Sjostrom has to rethink her decision about 200 it surprisingly (from sprinter’s prospective) may happen to be the only her Olympic medal in freestyle.


I agree with you Yozhik,
I also think Sjostrom’s chance to medal in 200 free is actually greater than in 50/100 free. And that’s why I just don’t get the argument by some who urge Sjostrom not to swim 200.


C1 certainly seems to be fit n firing this year; touchwood that this can continue through Rio. She certainly has been the pre-eminent figure in this event over this Olympic cycle and it would be great to see this crowned in Rio.

I’m not sure that Kromowidjojo can get down to the mid52s but a time in the 52.8-53.15 would not surprise. Whether that is enough for a medal may depend on the fitness of C2 & Sjostrom’s program … or perhaps some “intruder”.

Sjostrom is not racing 50free at Euros but it will be curious to compare C1’s time in Japan to Kromowidjojo & Halsall.


The thing about C2 is that she has proven she can deliver when it matters. Before teh trials, I was very pessimistic that C2 could swim anywhere near her Kazan’s time as she had been reportedly injured (a minor one but that had hampered her preparations). And then she went 52.5

C2 is a great racer and I’d call her “scrappy” with great fighting spirit, not unlike Lleyton Hewitt for equivalent Aussie tennis star.

I do hope C1 will be at her healthiest in Rio. It will have been a long time coming. I started following her swimming career when I first heard she went 24.9 as a 14 yo in early 2007 and then I watched her beating the newly minted 50 free world champion Libby Trickett at 2007 Japan Open in 24.4, in textile mind you.


I agree with what you’re saying. ASF. By no means am I ruling C2 out of the equation; like you her 100 at Trials was a (pleasant) surprise.

However, the indications we have so far are that big sister is “on” this year and I think that the 100 is C2’s best race. When it comes to the 50, she may be reigning World Champion but I’m just not sure she can break 24sec or at least do it this year.

Her time does look slightly disappointing as she has shown the capacity over the past year of being reasonably quick, if not at big sister’s level, outside the big meets but then again, they are different athletes.


There may be some explanations as to why C2 swam that “slow” today, ranging from sickness to bad jet-lag. I just hope it’s not injury.


Exactly, its hardly something to be reaching for the razorblades about. It may just be that her prep/program is different to big sister’s.

However, I do stand by my comments re the 50. As yet she hasn’t really threatened breaking the 24 and I suspect that may be needed for the podium.

Fit n firing, one would like to think that she might do it but in a year with injury niggles, one would have to think those odds lengthen somewhat. But hey, I’d be as happy as the next person if she did it.

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