CAS Upholds Ban On Russia Athletics: Ball Back In IOC Court On Rio 2016 Blanket Ban

Russia got to chink glasses with the IOC once more in Rio - but the IPC locked the nation out of the Paralympics, with CAS backing [All images are stills from "Red Herrings" by ARD]

A possible ban on Russia at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games drew closer when the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld the ban Russian track and field athletes from the games over the state-sponsored doping regime at the heart of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s McLaren report.

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FINA cannot even come up with a starting list for Rio that meets its own selection criteria. I think that almost everyone in the home office is currently off on French holiday, and they left the lone intern back in the office to come up with a badly made spread sheet that doesn’t verify that athletes have met requirements for entry.

The ruling also should allow additional nation level bans in weightlifting and canoeing to move forward for Rio. Ironic that weightlifting is working harder to clean its house than swimming is.

I can’t see the IOC overruling the IAAF ban at this point even though CAS effectively gave them permission to do so- they were embarrassed before when they supported the IAAF; they’re angry now.


I have scrutinized the Olympics entry lists when trying to make some Rio projection, and I already spotted several entries that shouldn’t have been given the OK.

Also, it seems there are so many universality swimmers. Even my country Indonesia thought it is easier for us to get the Olympics invite by submitting through the universality principle rather than under FINA B consideration.

“Ineptitude is our strength”


Also: “Water is our world because we have the spines of jellyfish”

Craig Lord

I like those mantras/slogans, beach and asf, do keep them coming (and legal, all, please… 🙂 I might find a prize for the best 🙂


China is all about putting up facade and saving face.
If they were really serious about anti-doping stance, they could have given out serious punishments to their dopers and be transparent about doping offenses and suspensions.
I’m sure they are not like Russia with state support doping systems, but the problem with China is that they don’t want the world to know when their athletes failed any doping tests.
The world would not have known Yang’s positive test if a local media hadn’t leaked the news months after the fact. They are not taking Wang lizhuo to Rio even if he’s their no 1 breaststroker just because they don’t want to be embarrassed if FINA later wanted harsher punishment for him.


China definitely engaging in a PR exercise. Ongoing compulsory athlete education of the ever evolving WADA code as well as signing a swimmers code of conduct which covers among other issues a “non-doping” declaration is routine for all Australian swimmers and I am sure many other swimming countries.

Unfortunately all of this in China’s case means nothing and it only serves to highlight their chequered doping past and some possible anxiety that they may be called out next with regard to warnings issued for doping positives last year.

Interestingly, per the 2014 WADA report (latest), Australian has one of the highest number of Non-Analytical ADRV Cases for 2014 at 19. A Non-Analytical ADRV is where evidence other than a blood or a urine test has resulted in a Anti Doping Rule Violation ie generally a person has been dobbed in or reported by someone else. Contrast that with China who reported zero??

IMO China should be the next country in WADA’s sights but this will be a lot harder with more media control, less transparency and a lower propensity of involved athletes or coaches to break the silence.

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