Can The Dutch Find A Fourth Burner After Kromowidjojo, Heemskerk & Steenbergen?

Ranomi Kromowidjojo by Patrick B. Kraemer

The Dutch 4x100m freestyle quartet, plus reserves, is taking shape but nothing is certain at the close of the SwimCup Eindhoven, barring the top two home today and racing through the meet shy of a full rest: after a 53.21 in semis of the 100m freestyle yesterday, Olympic champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo, racing in her home pool, timed in at 53.55 (off 26.14 at the turn) for the win over a 53.98 for Femke Heemskerk (ahead on 26.02 at the 50)

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A compelling women 4×100 free race for silver/bronze medals is brewing in Rio between:

The Ned (Kromowidjojo-Heemskerk-Steenbergen-Dekker?) vs. USA (Manuel-Ledecky-Weitzeil-Franklin) vs. Canada (Oleksiak-Van Landeghem-Ruck-Williams) vs. China (Tang Yi/Shen Duo/Qiu Yuhan/Zhu Menghui).

Very compelling.


And I have now accepted the fact that Cate Campbell’s start will never improve. Even in the prelims, it was sooo obvious that she was the last off the block. Her RT was 0.81
Only one other girl was slower (0.84) in the entire prelims of 47 swimmers.
It’s beyond ridiculous.


Isn’t it amazing how 19 years old Ledecky influences minds of swimming experts. She has ranking #221 at 50m distance, she has only one (!) fast race at 100m in her resume, but she is already considered reliable and welcome addition to American relay team who has a good chances to be on podium at 4×100 freestyle relay. Just one race and people look at her like she deservedly belongs to sprinters’ community.

26-29-16-31 that is what we have if to replace the names in Dutch team with summer’s age. The variance of possible results of this team can be comparable with the variance in ages. The NED can be the less predictable team.


wow after just the australian SF we have proof that all the other countries are racing for the minors. 3 under 53 (including a 52.4) and a “weak leg” of 53.6

Christopher Chow

Yeah the Aussie gals are going to destroy their own WR in Rio, possibly getting under 3:30.


Wow.. the AUS women 100 free semis are just obscene.
Poor Melanie Schlanger/Wright…it is pretty sad to have a career ended by injuries.

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