Can Reigning Olympic Champ Ryan Lochte Dial Up A Repeat In The 400 Medley

The American berths for the Olympic Games in the 400 individual medley figure to come from Ryan Lochte, Chase Kalisz and Tyler Clary.

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Bad Anon

200/400 IM, 200free, 4*100free, 4*200free relay is a good slate for Lochte imo. The 200back Olympic schedule precludes his participation in that event. All the individual events he qualifies for Rio will be tough to win gold… Hope the Marsh magic will see him surprise us at trials and subsequently in rio


It looks like both Lochte and Hagino will tackle the same individual events in Rio: 200/400 IM, 200 free.
That is, if he qualifies in all of those events.

Stavros Georganos

Lochte never disappoints, always bringing his ‘A’ game when it matters most.


Still not convinced how good a fit Dave Marsh is for Ryan; I thought he did better with the Troy heavy volume approach.

Also- Lochte has had trouble with the double taper needed for the Olympics. Maybe the Marsh system will help him deal with that better?

Even with sloppy training, MP would have got a silver in London had he not had to taper for trials. Off the top, I think the time he did there, just a few weeks before the games would have been good enough for second, right? Too lazy to look it up lol.

Loved watching His Goatliness swim the 4IM, but probably wise to sit it out this time.



You are correct.

Phelps at 2012 trials: 4:07.89
Perreira for Silver in London: 4:08.86


Thank you aswimfan. That’s what I thought. So it wasn’t a far fetched idea for MP to attempt the event last Olympics.

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