Campbell Cashes in for Gold in 100 Freestyle

Cate Campbell (AUS), right, and Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) soak up the two-lap result at world titles in 2013 [Aniko Kovaks]

Perhaps as much as anyone in the sport, Cate Campbell has dealt with difficult circumstances. But all of those troubles are a thing of the past after the Australian blew away the field in the 100 freestyle, winning the gold medal in 52.34.

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This woman deserved her title. She was like a loving mother to Alicia Coutts, even she is younger, when it was needed most. She wasn’t after revenge but she just got motivation from her own bad moments etc.

Her swimming is just beautiful. Those crazy-strong long strokes. I predicted Cate Campbell to superior win by a full body length but I was wrong. However, the reason for that wasn’t Cate but Sarah Sjöström who was just excellent as well. Otherwise it would have been easily a body length.

Robert Traynor

Congratulations, Cate, on a magnificent swim!

Shame on Oz TV for not allowing us Aussies to watch the event on TV. This is the first time in a long time that we been able to watch the world champs. Our coverage, when we are actually broadcasting major swim meets like this, is second to none. Nicole Livingstone, Duncan Armstrong, and Ray Warren are still the commentary team to beat.

Lane Four

In no way is this meant to be anything but a compliment, but Cate’s utter domination of this race reminds me of Kornelia Ender moving into an immediate lead and holding a body length or more to victory after victory. Cate’s races are so awe inspiring. I have not witnessed anything like it for decades. Please do not retire for a long long time.

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