Cameron van der Burgh Draws Jarred Crous Onto Olympic Roster: 2:10/2:11 200m Breast

Cameron Van Der Burgh - by Patrick B. Kraeme

Cameron van der Burgh and Jarred Crous, 19, checked into the Rio 2016 200m Olympic breaststroke battle with respective efforts of 2:10.13 and 2:11.65 at nationals doubling as South African qualification trials in the Kings Park Aquatics Centre pool in Durban. Crous was just 0.01secs inside the cut, Ayrton Sweeney taking bronze in 2:14.36

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South Africa is bringing a 19 yo swimming 2:11.65 to Rio.

Australia doesn’t even want a 17 yo swimming 2:09 and cold-heartedly crushed his Olympics dream.

I think the prelims in Rio will be easier than usual for top swimmers, because it will be only between the very top and the mediocres plus the fillers FINA B + the Eric Moussambanis


That is the unfortunate thing aswimfan.

The time is Fina A time, 2:11 is not slow, but how can Aus leave behind a youngster that is swimming 2:09?

As you have commented on the GB results pages, I believe that the stringent QTs are causing too much pressure

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