Cameron McEvoy Opens Sub-22s At 21.88; Kyle Chalmers Goes 48.5; Mack Horton On 15:13

Cameron McEvoy - by Patrick B. Kraemer

At the beginning of the end of the closing day at NSW state titles in Sydney today, Cameron McEvoy planted the first sub-22sec dash of the year with a 21.88 victory on freestyle before the last solo race of the meet featured a 15:13 from Mack Horton in the 1500m freestyle. In the closing relays, Kyle Chalmers pops a 48.5 opener for Marion’s 4×100 quartet

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McEvoy, outside his signature 100FR, remains somewhat of an enigma with regards to his other events. Whilst he has shown capacity for sharp times at both 50 & 200; in neither event has he demonstrated consistency of performance.

For mine. the most intriguing performances of the night came from the W200FR. Coleman’s very slick 1.55.98 is noteworthy in itself and McKeon’s 5th place at 1.59+ mildly so but the names and times of the 2nd & 3rd placegetters possibly moreso with regards to the shape of this event (and W4X200) for AUS going forward.

Historically C1 usually only enters the 200FR as a wind-down swim OR for the purposes of laying down a 100FR time-trial. Her 2.00.31 heat (I suspect a PB) was a mild surprise but was only expecting a 100 T/T followed by a leisurely swim-down.

A 1.58.21 is most definitely an intriguing question for the future. Whilst she has made herself unavailable for Budapest, IS this an indicator of potential future interest in the 4×200 ? A further improvement of say 0.5sec, with a flying start and then we are starting to look at a sub 1.57 relay split. Not Ledecky class by any means but servicable enough for most other nations.

Jack’s 1.58.31 also a significant PB and follows on from a 54.11 at 100. After a couple of years “marking time”, are we looking at a breakthrough year ? Whether she does to progress to international contender level remains to be seen but on these showings, she is at minimum looking at relay selection.

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