Cameron McEvoy, Cate Campbell, Kosuke Hagino & Daiya Seto Racing With Rio In Mind

Cameron McEvoy - courtesy of Swimming Australia Ltd

Cameron McEvoy, Cate Campbell and Kosuke Hagino squeezed more speed out of the clock in the closing session at the Japan Open, the Aussie sprinters on 21.61 and 24.31 in the freestyle dash finals, the Japanese all-rounder on 1:56.13 in the 200m medley ahead of a 1:58 from Daiya Seto, who also rattled the 2:10 mark in the 200m breaststroke.

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kevin roose

With Cate Campbell being in such terrific and consistant form this year it boosts Australias gold medal aspirations in the 4 x 100 medley …. strong in backstroke with Emilly Seebohm and butterfly with Emma Mckeon our weak link is breastroke and our choice there being Bohl or Taylor Mckeown even though both on the rise i dont think will be in the class of the American .
The American Trials will give us a clearer indication of course ……
But one likely scenario if Cate is not too far away going into that last 100 Australia chances of Gold are very optimistic.


Cate Campbell’s terrific form doesn’t really boost Australia chances in W 4×100 medley. In Kazan, Bronte already split 51.7 and Australia still ended up with bronze.
Cate can split 51.5 in Rio, but it’s not really much of a boost; they will still end up with bronze if their middle legs do not improve.

The real boost is if mckeon can split 56.5 and Bohl split 1:05.5

kevin roose

Yes and it is the same storey in our mens the middle legs need to improve …..although more likely in the womens than the mens ….


The good thing is based on trials (I know they have to replicate it in the inferno of the Olympics), both are on the improve & will split these times, with Mckeon on trial time will smash it (56.5). I reckon both will improve (hope) come RIO. much will also depend on the form of the Americans in their trials & the Chinese, who are strong as well.


Kevin, I’m fairly confident if McKeon & Bohl are our weak links.


Australia will do well!!!

kevin roose

There is much optimism with our 4 x 100 womens medly relay , Mckeon has tons of potential and Bohl of late every time she swims does a PB.

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