Cam McEvoy Goes 1:46.41 To Pip Kosuke Hagino by 0.02sec, Naito Ehara A Hand Away

Cameron McEvoy by Patrick B. Kraemer

Hard to work out why they post foreign results as an add on when the meet is called “Japan Open” but beyond heats of 1:47.03 from Cameron McEvoy and 1:47.38 from Dan Smith the 200m freestyle final included a showdown won by Aussie McEvoy at 1:46.41, Kosuke Hagino on 1:46.43, Smith on 1:47.61, and and Naito Ehara on 1:46.96.

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kevin roose

Hi Craig my understanding is 2 only visitors can proceed to the “A” final

Craig Lord

Yes, spotted it, Kevin… thanks. tweaked copy… result sheets place visitors as an after thought at bottom of all Japanese results…


CL was right, I also don’t understand why they put the “foreigners” results at the bottom of the list as an addendum, as if they swam in a separate race.

I love love Japan (and been there several times) and has Japanese friends, but I still can’t fathom their ideas about “foreigners”


It looks like both Australia and Japan will have very powerful 4x200m relay teams in Rio. Hopefully finally everything will go optimally for both teams this time around!

kevin roose

It will be interesting to see what the Americans do at there trials in the 200 free ……at this stage it does appear to be a open race …..


I think USA will have 6 under 1:46.5 at trials and 3 of them under 1:46 & will go 7:01 at the olympics

kevin roose

The last leg McEvoy against American presuming he will swim the last leg for Australia , hopefully McEvoy wont be to far behind when he dives into the water …..will be interesting viewing

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