Cal’s Ryan Murphy Continues To Light Up NCAAs ; Townley Haas Building Reputation

Ryan Murphy, from Bolles to Cal and rolling towards the world's fastest waters

Ryan Murphy set an American record in the 100 backstroke and Townley Haas zoomed to an American standard in the 200 freestyle on another fast night of action at the NCAA Championships.

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paolo rubbiani

Murphy, Haas and Dressel’ stellar performances are great news for Usa swimming also looking at Omaha OT.
Murphy’s 43.49 in the 100 yd backstroke is a tremendous effort.., 7 tenths of a second quicker than last year when he already performed greatly. Very unlikely that such a wide improvement in SCY won’t translate at least partially in 100 LCM backstroke, where last year in Kazan Murphy swam already near the 52″ barrier.
Haas is the most surprising news of the Ncaa finals. Great personality and incredible speed showed after these months of training in Texas. He will be a factor in the 200 LC free at OT but I think also in the 100 LC free, considering the amazing speed he showed in his split for 200 yd free American record (in some way, 200 SCY free is nearer to 100 LCM free than 200 LCM free).
Dressel untouchable in the 50 SCY free bodes very well also for 50 LCM free, but considering he’s training with a coach like Troy and Troy’s words about all the work for improving his endurance that Dressel has made in a LCM perspective, many chances that Dressel will swim his PB also in LC and also in the 100 LCM free, at OT.
Dressel and Haas could be very important additions for Usa free relays.

paolo rubbiani

Edit: Considering the amazing speed Haas swowed in his 50 and 100 yd splits for 200 yd free American record.

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