California Dreaming Takes Reality To the IOC, FINA & USA Swimming On GDR Doping

Making Waves - Shirley Babashoff - Santa Monica Press

In passing a resolution to right the wrongs of a dark chapter in swimming history, the California Senate in the United States has taken a giant leap in its bid to have the International Olympic Committee recognise the achievements of those knocked by State Plan 14:25, the East German doping program, at the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games.

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Jay Ched

Great to see an alternative route is being attempted to rectify this situation. I was browsing the boycotted 1980 Moscow results and there were numerous swimmers in attendance who should be moving up in the results. The East German women won all events except the 200 Breast and the 800 Free. They had 1-2-3 sweeps in the 100,200,400 free, 100,200 back, 100 fly. 1988 brought more of the same with K. Otto and others competing. Nearing the end of her career, Mary T finished 3rd behind two East Germans in 200 fly. So many competitors caught up in this. It would be great for a grand sweep of the 1973-89 results to be cleaned up and duplicate medals awarded where justified. After 40 years though I am not holding my breath.

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