British Swimming CEO To Go But Will David Make Sparkes Fly For Swimmers In FINA?

Editorial: David Sparkes is to quit as chief executive of British Swimming by the end of the year, paving the way for him to join the FINA Bureau he has long aspired to but has been blocked from because he is a paid professional at the helm of a member, domestic, federation. Should David make it through the political jungle of elections ahead, Sparkes will fly only if he roles up his sleeves and makes changes to the structures and processes that make FINA such a place of failure when it comes to keeping its history, honouring its heroes and providing the best possible service to and environment for athletes and those they work with day in and day out to provide the show and dollars that all those benefits flow from

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James bond

Oh thank god he’s gone – now perhaps we could have some change:

– a sponsor would be nice
– some firm action on doping
-some fresh blood in the management system

Craig Lord

Yes, that would be good 007 🙂

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