Brazil’s Swimmers Fight FINA For The Right To Race Under Their Flag At World Titles

Bruno Fratus raced under the Brazilian flag at the last world titles - will he get to do the same next month in Budapest? - photo by Fabio Ferrari - LaPresse, for arena

Brazil’s swimmers may be forced to race under the FINA flag at the World Championships in Budapest next month unless FINA responds well to a plea from athletes for it to recognise the new leadership of the national federation in the wake of the arrest of the old regime on corruption charges.

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The hole FINA are digging just got a whole lot deeper. FINA protecting the”Family” ie Nunes and his 3 co-conspirators while they remain in custody????

Who did they think was going to run the show while these 4 remain in custody or are actively defending themselves?

Apart from the gross lack of leadership and ethics, it displays FINA’s true colours; defend the indefensible, look after the corrupt inner circle and ignore the swimmers, coaches and true stakeholders.

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