Non-Compliant? Brazil Anti-Doping Agency On Watch; Kenya Placed On WADA Probation

Brazil's current anti-doping operation was established in 2014 but in 2016 Brazil found itself on the list of nation's put on notice by WADA for non-compliance and told to step up

The laboratory used by Brazil’s National Anti-Doping Organisation is at risk of losing its official accreditation for a second time on the way to the Rio Olympic Games in August this year

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Recently, it was reported that there would be extra drug tests for swimmers leading up to Rio. However, athletes from Brazil, China, and Russia are not included. Was any reason given for this?

Craig Lord

Ger – because it is a program invented by USOC and Travis Tygart as a challenge to others to step up. Personally, I think that will not work on its own (no chance) it will simply make sure that those already being tested on a regular basis are even more tested. There is a way it could help, one not described in the BBC article but one I’ll discuss later this week.

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