Bradlee Ashby and Helena Gasson Make It Five Go To Rio Olympics For New Zealand

Bradlee Ashby by Simon Watts /

Bradlee Ashby and Helena Gasson, over 200m medley and 100m butterfly respectively, joined the New Zealand Olympic swim team for Rio 2016 with winning efforts inside qualification targets on the third evening of action at the New Zealand Open Swimming Championships in Auckland

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I am confused. I thought the Canadian trials next week is also NZ’s second Olympics qualifying event. So, how come the qualifiers are already decided now? Shouldn’t it wait until the end of Canadian trials next week were some NZ top swimmers (mostly NCAA swimmers) will take part?


ASF, given the relative lack of depth in NZL swimming; a QT will essentially ensure a plane ticket to Rio. The team will not be named until after the second designated qualifying meet although, in all honesty, it would surprise if the number of qualifiers increases by any more than 1-2 if at all.

The designation of CAN meet as an opportunity for NCAA based Kiwis IS a considerate move however none of them are currently at the level of swimming QTs but rather are needing significant (over 1sec) PBs to do so.


I can’t recall (in recent years at least) where there was an event with 3 ‘A’ qualifiers for NZ at trials – certainly several events where there was the potential to qualify three, but the depth isn’t there. So yes, the Canadian trials is the second PRIMARY qualifying event. The swimmers had to give prior notice to SNZ of their intention to swim Canadian Champs because they can only swim one qualifying event. It’s a little more confusing for the RELAY qualifications, but they can only swim one event for individual qualification.

Corey Main (if he swims Canadian Champs) has done both qualifying times in the 100 Back and 200 Back in the past, so is certainly expected to do well. He comes off a good NCAA season, so we’ll see if he transitions SCY to LCM in time!


How about the Litherland brothers, you don’t think they will qualify?


Commonwombat so a guy who’s been under both backstroke times isn’t capable of doing them again & a guy who’s just medalled at NCAA’s cant go under the relatively easy qualifying times for the 400 & 1500? Hmmmm maybe know what your talking about before you comment on it.


Sorry, the who brothers? Litherland. [NB: ED] Not aware that they have designated New Zealand citizenship or have met the residency requirements, and certainly not on the NZ radar.

If both Matthew Hutchins and Corey Main swim next week in Canada (haven’t seen the Psych Sheets) then both have realistic chances of making an ‘A’ cut or two.


Thanks Craig for your edit above. There’s so much depth in the US collegiate system that I guess I might be forgiven for ignorance here. We can sometimes be unsighted to the massive talent in US unless names become senior internationals on the circuit.

Craig Lord

Absolutely, h2tk, and I think you’re right in your thinking that there’s been no suggestion of NZL team for the boys… and one of them abbot race for NZL for sure without taking a year out of into waters… he raced for the USA already.


Two of the triplet brothers (the ones who have not represented USA) are on the psych sheet at Canadian trials, so I assume they chose to represent NZ.


Correct & very much on the NZ radar


Wow thats really exciting. Felix – so where do you see the additional spots potentially next week if going according to the form book?


Natasha Lloyd 100Br and Caroline Baddock 100Bk are some of the NZ females in the US and swimming next week. Tough ask for them in their events but with Natasha, a possible medley relay? Sam Perry – is he going to be quick enough over 100Fr or possible relay? But with no ‘A’ cuts in the M100Fr, despite fabulous swim by Daniel Hunter. But the prospect of two in the 1500 is very exciting.

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