Bob Bowman: Sports Bosses ‘Dropped the Ball” On Doping; Michael Phelps Agrees

Michael Phelps of the United States of America by Patrick B. Kraemer

Bob Bowman: “I would have to say from a personal standpoint that it is very concerning to me that our governing bodies have dropped the ball on this and the system is broken and has to be fixed.” Michael Phelps: “We’ve had this problem for how many Olympics and its sad that we can’t control it; that someone who is in charge cannot control this.”

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Lawrie Cox

Well put responses by both Bob and Michael. It is again unfortunate that they are put on the spot. Where is their leaders? Oh thats right the ones endorsing more of the same for the future are still in the trough feeding.


It is rather embarrassing for USA Swimming leadership that their most successful swimmer and their cash cow/goose that lay golden eggs has to speak like this for doping in swimming to be taken seriously.

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