Big Winner Hosszu Howls At FINA’s World Cup Cap Of 4 Races A Meet For Each Swimmer

The weight of what has often felt like a one-woman race: 69 medals, 10kg, for Katinka Hosszu on world cup tour in 2014 - with coach Shane Tusup [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

FINA’s new proposals for the World Cup which will limit to four the number of individual events a swimmer can compete in at each leg of the series have been met with derision by triple Olympic champion Katinka Hosszu.

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Instead of limiting the number of events a swimmer can enter why not limit the number of World Cup stops? Or better still why not scrap the whole thing and start again? This is supposed to be the showcase of the sport outside of the Olympics and World Championships but it’s an embarrassment. Stopover after stopover of lightweight entry lists. The media ignores the whole thing and you can’t blame them. No quality. No atmosphere. It’s a complex area and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. I think it would be a good start to ditch the short course format and to have fewer events concentrated in the June / July period in Europe, Noth Anerica and either Japan or Australia.

Craig Lord

Yes. Announce that it will be scrapped and then spend the next six month NOT spending all your energies on a battle of blazers and political moves but on actually getting the competitive environment and showcase concept right. This requires dialogue with GENUINE swimmer/coach and other representatives, alongside commercial partners and media. Until that happens, they will continue to get it wrong in an argument of people who don’t know as much as they should and people who think they know more than they do – and both of those sides with vested interests that blur their vision.

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