Big Choices Facing Denis Cotterell As Coach Ponders Golden Handshake With China

Coach Denis Cotterell talks to Grant Hackett during his comeback for Rio 2016 - courtesy of Swimming Australia

Australian coach Denis Cotterell may never be welcome on a poolside Down Under barring his own for the rest of his life if the news as reported turns out to be the way things go. Not only has he closed the door on Miami Swim Club as a funded elite program for Australians after 40 years, according to a report by journalist Amy Harris in the Daily Telegraph in Australia, but he has opted out in favour of big Chinese money to coach in a country towing the worst doping history in swimming. Cotterell has not confirmed the news, telling Harris: “I haven’t spoken to the Chinese Association yet, and obviously nothing has been signed. Many options are open at this stage.” Big choices ahead for Cotterell, then

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