Beijing Lab Called Two ‘False Negatives’; Chinada Still Handling 4 Swim Doping Cases

The Beijing anti-doping laboratory suspended for four months by the World Anti-Doping Agency lost its accreditation because it reported two cases as negatives when in fact they were not. China called the errors “technical” and noted that the errors had occurred because the Beijing laboratory had not kept up with latest testing methods demanded by WADA. Meanwhile, WADA has confirmed that four Chinese swimming doping cases are still being handled by CHINADA, one of them dating back to late summer last year, three from January this year.

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I don’t see why FINA haven’t lost patience with China at this stage (Well, maybe I do). Clenbuterol slaps on the wrist, false negatives, total lack of transparency, murky past. If these situations are not dealt with with the severest penalties, such as an international ban, rules will be continued to be treated with disdain. The sooner the WSA takes root, the better.


But all WSA is, in reality, is a “talking shop” dominated by certain persons of Anglosphere background; which in itself may be a stumbling block in gaining wider support. Some wonderful “mission statements” but nothing more.

FINA may, or may not survive; the same could probably be said for most major international sporting federation given the exposure of major level corruption as well as lack of oversight with doping; nevermind the potential of Rio going pearshaped.

However, what form any replacement body may take we cannot know at this point.

Craig Lord

CW, it could be no more than it is at this stage – unrealistic to expect anything else before Rio. 2017 is when we will know what may be possible


isn’t a false negative a positive?


I appreciate your good work in researching and writing and keeping up with the dark and sinister side of swimming.. Well of all sports, really: use and abuse of banned PED and it’s cover up, by individuals as well as authorities. AFAIK, no other swimming site does anywhere nearly what you’ve been doing on this issue.
This reminds me of your battle in exposing the rubber suit as a speed enhancing equipments, a battle which at times drew the ire from many coaches even, who were too adamant that anybody like you could accuse their swimmers of going that fast due to enhanced aid by the rubbersuit.

Craig Lord

Thanks aswimfan. There are, at times, some stark parallels, doping and shiny suits, in terms of hypocritical and self-serving attitudes out there. We must move as water over, past and through rock…

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