Beijing 2008 samples: 31 athletes from 6 sports, 12 countries in doping trouble

The International Olympic Committee has revealed that 31 athletes from six sports and 12 nations may be barred from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after retesting of their Beijing 2008 anti-doping samples produced adverse findings.

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Steve Levy

This one too (read the Comments):

Steve Levy

Sorry Craig, should have thought to put these all together. The reason the US DOJ opens up investigations in cases such as these is to recoup what they believe to be are owed tax revenues. They were quite successful in convincing Switzerland to “modify” their offshore investment policies. In a nutshell, they are quite adept at following the money trail – and if it leads to Route de Vidy 9 or Avenue de l’Avant-Poste 4…

Craig Lord

Thanks Steve 🙂


As we wait for official word to come in, I’m going to speculate that at least a plurality of the new positives are from track & field, and another nice chunk are from cycling. I think Usain Bolt is a relatively clean freak of nature but wouldn’t be surprised to see him lose the relay gold because Jamaican anti-doping was decidedly lacking in the institutional control at that time and Asafa Powell from that squad served a doping ban a few years later.

I suspect that the remaining American track & field fans are hoping that the 2012 retests gives USATF a way to finally get Justin Gatlin out of the sport. Sadly, some of the middle distance running races in London are getting to be a bit of a mess when it comes to finding an ‘appropriate’ athlete for any medals to roll down do, and it might be best to just rule them ‘no declared winner’ like many 00s Tours de France are.

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