Barelli Bid For FINA Presidency Because “We Were Being Bullied & Were Already At War”

Battle of the FINA Bureau (clockwise from top left): Dale Neuburger, Husain Al Musallam, Paolo Barelli and Erik Van Heijningen

Italian Paolo Barelli threw his hat in the ring for the FINA presidency “a couple of hours” before the deadline for nominations ran out on April 22 because “it was clear that we in Europe were being bullied by FINA leaders and that we were already at war … my campaign for changes at the top of FINA would not be taken seriously”, SwimVortex has learned. And as sources say incumbent Julio Maglione uncertain whether to keep up the fight, senior FINA figures ask why the federation has not asked Husain Al-Musallam to step aside pending investigations that have implicated him in FIFA corruption investigations

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