Bailey Coleman adds 400m National record to golden week at Aussie Age Titles

Photo, courtesy of Swimming Australia

Budding Brisbane freestyler Bailey Coleman has added a third gold medal in an outstanding Australian Age record time on night five of the 2016 Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Swimming Championships in Adelaide tonight, writes Ian Hanson for Swimming Australia. The 13-year-old clocked an eye-catching 4:05.47 to swim away from the field over the final…

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Thank you for explanation about Emily Liu. I was wondering about that since I saw the (V) behind her name, which means “visitor”.
If her citizenship application is successful, Australia will have another potentially great female freestyler in their upcoming arsenal.

This girl Liu has won 50-200-400 with her 200 faster than AUS nag record. That’s some range. I wonder what time she will swim in the 100.

paolo rubbiani

@Aswimfan: I’ve watched the streaming of these Champs (thanks Australia Swimming, nice work) and Emily Liu is more than promising: long stroke and the right physique to keep improving. In the 400 free she finished very strong, so I think that her 4.10 could be bettered very soon.
A great addition to Aussie team.

Some words also for Keylee McKeown who just missed a great Seebohm’ age group record.
What a backstroker she is! Incredible that Australia in the next years may count upon Atherton and McKeown, who could rewritten many records also at senior level. Also in Usa there are some very promising young backstrokers, but Atherton and also McKeown, for now, are a step further.

A very futuristic prediction :-): 12 year-old Jenna Forrester could be a promising swimmer in the next years, and the news that also at Italian age group Champs, just started, there have been interesting results in the first day of competition.


Not wishing to dampen people'[s enthusiasm but the reality is with age-groupers; the turnover from year to year can be massive and the super prospect of one year may be out of the sport the next.

My rule of thumb has been to take note of the names but disregard the times (and age records) unless they are actually “in the ball-park” of what is being swum in Open competition.

With regards to this current Championships; the reality is that most of those who ARE “factors” in the senior races were either not present or swimming limited races. Other than McKeown Jr & Chalmers; there would be barely a handful of others who will be anywhere near the business end of any event over the next week and a half.

Personal Best

That record Kaylee McKeown just missed out on was, I believe, the Australian record at one point.
From memory, when Seebohm set that age record it was either at the Aussie Trials or World Champs (probably the latter), and broke the Aussie record in doing so. At 14.

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