Australia-Day Call-Up: James Magnussen Joins School For Super Series Pool Party

James Magnussen, right, and Cameron McEvoy - back in the fray together - courtesy of Swimming Australia

James Magnussen, back from shoulder surgery and rehabilitation last year, celebrated Australia Day with a call-up from Swimming Australia to race at the Aquatic Super Series against China and Japan in Perth next month.

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Anybody knows if Daniel Tranter continues training and competing? I think I remember news that he was moving to train in the US, probably with Mr. Bowman (but not really sure).


Yes, he did join the Bowman stable at North Baltimore and going by his Twitter, he has followed them across to Tempe AZ.

One would think he will return to AUS for Olympic Trials, maybe even beforehand for NSW Titles in early March which is the final major hit-out prior to Trials. In that case, he is likely to link up with Brian Sutton at Sydney Uni club.


Let’s hope we see some fast time from James in Perth


Hope Magnussen can get back to the 47 low territory once more. One of the best 100 free swims I have ever seen. Of course, after Alex Popov’s races 🙂



That was an incredible swim:

and the closest anyone else has swum in textile is that 47.52 Nathan Adrian swam in the Olympics final.


Yup, that’s the one. I remember I rewatched that race a couple times a day for a week at least and I didn’t want to believe it. It was just perfect.

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