Aurélie Muller & Jack Burnell Return To Troubled Waters After The Rip Tide Of Rio

Aurelie Muller and Jack Burnell in the Rio marathon that would end in denial and dispute - images by Patrick B. Kraemer

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games had their fair share of drama beyond the pure race in the pool, what with the return of the dopers, the rise of the outspoken and the FINA hug for those being booed by those who didn’t want the fallen-from-grace back in the race. The sour side of sport spilled to open water, too, two of those who got to the end of 10km in medal position arriving ashore to a thumbs down by officials who disqualified them for questionable reasons. France’s Aurélie Muller was one, the other Britain’s Jack Burnell. This weekend, they return to the fray in the waters off the United Arab Emirates coast in which American Fran Chippen lost his life in 2010

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