As The Pain Of Prep Subsides The Dolphins Get Set To Leap South For Rio Rumble

Mack Horton (he may be the best Swimming Australia athlete of the year ... but don't tell anyone) - photo by Delly Carr / Swimming Australia Ltd

“Allowing Russia at Rio creates the ultimate distraction. Every medal they win, discussions will focus away from the clean athletes. #WRONG” – So tweeted one of the most robbed greats of swimming in history, Shirley Babashoff, today. That summed up one of the main reasons why a blanket ban was essential; why the IOC has failed clean…

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kevin roose

Given that the heats are on from midday Rio time much later than normal, you would think that should result on average in faster heat swims in comparison to previous games….

I love the head coach comments about
“not looking for performance as yet”, the camp all about finding the “right sleep, getting rest time sorted and adjusting to the time zone and schedule”.

Craig Lord

Beijing 2008 with 50% poly suits and evening heats will remain largely faster across the board, Kevin, I would imagine, 14:49.53 last into 1500 final; 21.76 last into 50 free final, stuff like that…


Gotta say it take an Australian to actually like an Alabama summer day with heat and humidity that scare most Americans into the air conditioned indoors.

Craig Lord

Beachmouse, I think I see a touch of that thought on the face of Jacco V as he speaks to camera in the Sw Aus interview I wrote from 🙂

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