As Sun Yang* Tops 200 Free Ranks, Li Zhuhao Flies To Chinese Record In Dash Drama

Sun Yang - to the top of 200 free ranks a day after taking helm of 400 ranks - by Patrick B. Kraemer

On another day of Sun Yang* speeding to the helm of the world rankings, on 1:46 in the 200m free, Li Zhuhao took down the national 50m butterfly record in a drama-stacked dash final on the second day of action at the Chinese Championships in Qingdao.

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David Ebanks

In regards to Le Zhesi, surely EPO would have benefit even in sprint events as all energy systems would be working to some extent even during a 50. Plus the enhanced ability to do multiple repetitions with less fatigue (as the energy system shifts more towards aerobic) would surely lead to huge adaptations….

Craig Lord

I take your point David and think that why it did indeed show up when it did … just that it is often associated with endurance events… I would not use the term ‘benefit’, however, for a substance that is not only banned but could have and may have endangered this teenager’s health, if not life. Those responsible should go to jail, never mind the WADA Code: its called abuse.

David Ebanks

It’s a sad situation really. You hope the swimmers that have been influenced badly at a young age can back but have they already benefitted too much by then?? It’s far from ideal any way you look at it!


Is it true that a12 year old (Wang Yichun) swam 59.07 for 100m butterfly?

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