As Ryan Lochte Gets Set For Gators Return, We Recall The Day He Pipped Peirsol In A WR

Ryan Lochte [Photo: Patrick B. Kraemer]

As Ryan Lochte prepares to make his way home to the Florida Gators and mentor Gregg Troy for the post-2017 era of his career and what may be an Olympic swansong at Tokyo 2020 16 years after his Games debut in Athens, we recall the day he claimed the world record over 200m backstroke at the 2007 world championships in Melbourne.

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Bad Anon

Video link for women 200m backstroke final Melbourne 2007?

Craig Lord

Nowhere to be seen online, Bad Anon… unless someone else can find it. I have the video of the race but have no rights to reproduce it. Sorry.

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